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Outside broadcasting has long been the domain of the major television channels, but things are changing.  The advent of the internet has seen live web-casting become more and more popular.  The difficulty with it, of course, is that it’s dependent upon a decent internet connection.  That’s fine if you’re sitting in an office, using your normal work computer and internet connection, but what if you want to do something a bit more creative?

The Get Me Connected Solution means that you can pretty much do a live webcast from anywhere you like.  If you want to stand in a field and do a webcast about the weather, you can.  If you want to do a webcast from a beach, we can support it.  So long as we can get our van there, you can do a webcast from there.

Get Me Connected on the Moon


Who knows, one day we might get you connected on the moon.  It’s not as impossible a goal as it sounds!!!


The Speed is Quick

20Mb Download speeds anywhere in Europe


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