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Anyone who has done business in a hotel or conference centre will have experienced bandwidth problems. Traditionally laptops would get online through an Ethernet cable whilst tablets and smartphones would sign up to the local Wi-Fi hotspot. That’s where the connection problems start as most hotels and conference centres won’t have enough bandwidth for people using multiple smartphone devices – especially not at the same time.

A slow and intermittent connection won’t impress anyone attending your event. Everyone knows in the modern world that a poor Wi-Fi connection is bad for business.

Get Me Connected can massively increase your bandwidth and this will help provide your delegates with a superfast Wi-Fi connection. Providing your business event with a seamless Wi-Fi experience, GMC will ensure everyone will connect safely and securely to one another.

A quality Wi-Fi service will ensure delegates remain in the conference room long after a business presentation or seminar session has finished. On doing so, your clients can check their emails, social media outlets and continue networking with fellow attendees. Keeping your delegates connected is essential for any business conference and a poor intermittent Wi-Fi service will potentially undermine your event.

Get yourself connected today and ensure your Wi-Fi is a seamless and instantaneous experience for everyone.

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