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If you’re organising an event, and you’re going to have a big press contingent there, you want to make sure that they’re able to report back on anything that goes on.

With the world and his wife now being in possession of a smart phone that can take photos and upload them to the web, it’s getting more and more difficult for photo journalists to make sure that they’re the ones whose photo gets out first.

Imagine the scenario, there’s a Grand Prix taking place and one of the cars crashes.  It’s a grisly picture, but it’s one that all of the news agencies will want.  Any spectator that’s there will be able to get a picture and try to upload it to their social media channel of choice.  The sheer numbers of people trying to access the 3G internet is going to clog it up and make it impossible for most people to connect.  For the photojournalists at the event, that loss of connection could mean the difference between breaking the story or being an also ran.

 Use the Get Me Connected solution in your media centre and you’ll be able to guarantee all of your journalists a seamless connection to the internet during your event.  That way, when stuff happens, the professionals are just competing with each other, and any ground-breaking news will be accompanied by decent quality pictures, not grainy shots from a random smartphone.

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