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Music Festivals are so popular, but apart from the rain, the lack of washing and having to sleep in a tent, one of the most moaned about issues is the lack of internet connection.  If someone’s gone to a music festival, they want everyone to know.  They want all of their friends to know how cool they are, so it’s important to let people know what a great time they’re having.  If people can’t get on to Facebook or Twitter then they can’t do any of these things, and it can be upsetting for them!

Make sure you let all of the visitors to your great Music Festival tell all of their friends about it by inviting Get Me Connected along too.  You can set up the seamless internet connection in a variety of ways.  We can provide connection across the entire event, or set up specific hot spots where you encourage people to visit to get their connection.  

An ideal solution is to set up a bar where people can come to recharge their phones, pick up a signal and have fun with the social media wall.  You can use this area to generate revenue, advertise sponsor products, give out event information or even carry out live webcasts, showing everyone what they’re missing.

Get Me Connected on the Moon


Who knows, one day we might get you connected on the moon.  It’s not as impossible a goal as it sounds!!!


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